Nancy's Journey

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...then my trek into the world of live event production management started in Houston, Texas. Fresh out of college, I was hired as a graphic designer by AVW Freeman. Within two years, I was promoted to a senior event producer in charge of developing the creative content and managing the on-site execution of primarily Fortune 100 company sales meetings, customer conferences, product announcements, and trade shows. It was here that I received my first (of many) passport stamps while entering Singapore as the on-site content producer for (4) 360-degree multi-media Expo showcase pavilions. 

Since then, I have worked for both large event production companies and small boutique show management firms navigating through all of the complexities of a program, from proposal writing and event design to media production and live event staging. I am well-traveled when it comes to creating and delivering effective event marketing engagement in the form of creative theming, scenic design, presentation support design, video production, digital & print signage design, scriptwriting, speech coaching, and live event production management.


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